The Leaders of Men


This too shall pass.

They picked up the pace, moving through light brush and loose groups of trees. Astarlane opened.

"What are we looking to escape?"

The elf did not look around, maintaining their new pace without effort.

"The obscurant products in the air are a precursor event to autonomous semi-hallucinogenic psychocombatants, sorceror."

All three of them paled.

"As in...?"

"Mindwraiths, colloquially, yes. Defenceless against physical attack, but possessing of powerful capabilities against the psyche and resolve of an individual. Unsafe your weapons."

"Repeat last, Eraeon."

"We cannot escape the primary hazard zone expansion. Unsafe your weapons."

"Do as he says."

The team exchanged glances, but did so. Sight covers were flipped, magazine pouches loosened.

"Contact at 2 o'clock."

"Free fire."

Eraeon, with his superior eyesight, engaged first. His battle rifle erupted in deafening bursts of staggered automatic fire.

They joined him not long after.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The elf shifted to draw their attention.

"We must leave. As the ground warms this area will become …

The Honour of Leaders
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