The Honour of Leaders


This too shall pass.

The elf shifted to draw their attention.

"We must leave. As the ground warms this area will become extremely dangerous."

Sadie looked at the other two expectantly, donned her mask and followed them back out into the haze.

Higher up, where the mist faded smoothly into a pale blue sky, a pair of black specks eased their way overhead.

Tenever noticed her interest.

"Fast movers. Probably just running a patrol."

Eraeon cut in over their radios.

"A pair of armored fast-attack aircraft. This is their regular patrol and their flight path has not deviated. Signal traffic between them is at normal levels. They have not observed us, but we must leave."

He took point, assuming a raptorial lope that approximated their standard pace. Periodically, as if looking at landmarks unseen by them, he adjusted their trajectories. Sadie made notes in her almanacs, peering at her compass and maps.

He broke the silence again, only a few hours later.

"We must hurry. We are still within the primary hazard zone."

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Good series. Looking forward to seeing where you take it from here.

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