Arlis and the Boys


The Doctor has returned.

"Are you," the oaf of a child paused for effect, ""

Arlis shifted his weight. He eyed his would-be comrades, an assortment of boys he'd seen in the schoolhouse. Generally, he'd seen them in the back of the room, doing anything but pay attention. Though aloof and brutish, they seemed, in some crude way, to have life figured out. Their offer was a generous one, but something tugged at a corner memory, a phrase, an idea.

The oaf coaxed, "It's simple. We need a distraction. You're not technically stealing anything. You just have to be...there."

The word echoed and twisted along the freshly paved streets of fledgling wisdom. The sum total of Arlis' knowledge gleaned from only a several short years of living. There. Then. There. Here. Their. Them. Us.

The voice of his grandfather whispered from a thin alleyway of recollection, "You do as you see right. Everything else...well, that's their problem."

Arlis cocked his head and puffed his chest, "I'm out, and forget you. I'm staying here."


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"There. Then. There. Here. Their. Them. Us."

Love how this captures the frantic thoughts we have when making a quick moral decision like this one. Well done!

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An inspired peek into the roiling mind of tween-aged youth. So few have the strength to refuse this kind of invitation. This one has a light of hope.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Very brave.

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"Thin alleyway of recollection" what a brilliant way to describe the hard to trust nature of memory. Youve created a perfect pinpoint moment, realistic and relatable. Wonderful.

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Write a story or a poem that uses all of these words, contextualizing them and providing a conclusion of some sort.

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