I Didn't Sleep That Night


Escapist from Ficly! So glad the community has found a new home thanks to some dedicated writers.

"Hurry," she breathed, sucking the layer of glimmer and light away from my internal countenance entirely.

Lying on the chalky rug covered in footprints, a boy was seizing in my living room . He was drunk. I wasn't. I didn't even know him.

"In the bag," the boy's friend aspirated. Each item I pulled from the drawstring cloth helped me re-unsheath swords of hope and shine to defend my candle wax heart.

I found his autoinjector.

With deviant precision, I pulled up his shorts to reveal a milky thigh and plunged in. I did great. A filmy coating of luminescence surrounded my far too sensitive being once again.

He was ok.

"Thanks," she spit, still shaken from the sudden onset of neuro-disaster.

Lying on the chalky rug covered in footprints, a boy wasn't seizing anymore. He was stark and bright against that dusty carpet, kind of sparkling a little. He was pretty.

He opened his eyes to meet mine. It was a "thank you," but a sad and murky one from dark swampy blue depths. It hurt.

"You're welcome," I cracked.


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