Death in the family


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He eased himself onto the plastic seat in the waiting room – seemingly every hospital on the planet used the same, uniquely uncomfortable seating – and cradled her in his lap. It took a long time before she stopped crying and longer still before the shivering subsided.

"What happened?" he whispered.

"Somebody set up us the bomb." She tried to put a laugh into it, but failed.


"Bastard stabbed my sister," she managed, defeated, "she's dead, Jamie. I told her to leave, to run, never to go back. And now she's dead."

With no words for a reply, he simply held her.

At length, she unwound herself and stood. "Take me home," she said.

His deep blue dress shimmered and rustled as he got out of the seat. He strongly suspected he'd sat in something sticky.

"I love the pleats," she said, "but that's the second dress of yours I've ruined. Sorry to interrupt your evening."

"It'll wash; I'd rather this than a night of beer and dancing."


Hand in hand, they walked out into the night's cool embrace.


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Excellent portrayal of rich and heavy emotion - quite the lost technical skill these days.

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Lovely moment. I didn't follow the sentence about the bomb or something? Nicely told, even if I had to double back over the gender of the person in the dress since I didn't read the prequel.

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The bomb reference is an old internet meme. Google "all your base are belong to us" for context.

This story thread began on Ficly, with Jo and Jamie establishing themselves as characters he was wearing a green dress that day, though.

The ongoing development of this story strongly reflects my mood as it changes and shifts with passing time.

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I love how there's continuity between Ficly and Ficlatte. Like bits of a bone knitting back together.

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