Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe: outlaw before smile


For the first time in my life, I am beginning to know what true love and happiness are. Love and happiness, not in their popular, diluted forms, but rather in their purest and rawest forms. I am learning to live without fear or inhibitions, and it is your beautiful soul I have to thank for this second chance, this rebirth and restoration of my hope.

Before I had known her

Before I could see

Before we had met

Before there were three

Before she had run

Before she could tell

All had been good

All had seemed swell

and then...

Clearly I saw it

Surely I could see

It covered her face

The way she smiled at me

Something was lurking

Deep down in her skin

It wasn't a demon

Perhaps just a sin

I cannot deny it

It was something I saw

Her presence, her spirit

So much like an outlaw

A cruel smile curled

From her sick twisted lips

And right in that moment

Was when I became transfixed

By her beauty, her luster, her beautiful stare

I knew I should leaver her, but I wouldn't dare


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Yay, this is great! I am very sorry I never responded to this before (this is my own prompt from another account; I contain multitudes!). I really like it!!

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