The Defence of Honour


This too shall pass.

Astarlane stood lazily, as if the sudden appearance of an elf from the aristocratic line of the Firsts was of little consequence.

"Why is he here?"

Sadie fixed her with a stare.

"Desperate times, desperate measures. We can't get through fast enough or safe enough without Eraeon's help."

The sorcerer hissed under her breath. Elves were bad news, no matter their allegiance - their combination of inscrutable blankness and incredible power an uneasy one. Astarlane prided herself on being professional, but every instinct warned her against Eraeon.

Sadie changed tack.

"Look, trust me on this. Eraeon's solid. I know you don't like it, but give him a chance and he'll save your ass as many times as he's saved mine."

Astarlane nodded warily. The safety on her weapon remained off.

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I like the tension, and that last line is a good one.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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