The Necessity of Defence


This too shall pass.

Tenever grudgingly released the spell in his hand, but readied his wards all the same. They were complex, interlocking affairs with Byzantine safety procedures and a hellish rate of drain, but they were effective.

"Guys, this is Eraeon of the Firsts. Eraeon, this is Tenever of the Academy of Dusk and Astarlane of the line of Vyneris."

Eraeon politely bowed to each of them, although he caught the wizard's eye.

Tenever frowned, a thought moving in the back of his mind, and the elf spoke. He did so without moving the blank metallic mask that covered his face, lending the speech an eerily disembodied tone.

"We both took part in the fighting at Portsadis, Wizard of the Eighth. From 19:23:31.912 to 19:29:59.052 we engaged each other briefly, but circumstances forced us apart before the encounter was resolved."

At this, Tenever nodded. That chance encounter at the edge of his effective range had nearly killed him. He dropped a few of the most obvious layers from his wards in respect.

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Bigger than he looks, it seems...

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Ah, the Academy of Dusk. I know it well. I understand now the cryptic message you dropped me a while back. Enjoying this series so far. It's a nice mixture of modern and arcane.

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  • 5 out of 5

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