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The tone sounded for break. I slumped into a chair with my coffee. Sipping it as it cooled, I noticed that I was not joined by any coworkers. Was there a staff meeting?

The door opened. I watched with interest, but it was only the postman.

"This needs a signature. Do you know where Mr. Kline is?"

"Haven't seen anyone lately."

"Look, I can't just leave this."

"What is it?"

"Special delivery."

"Could I sign for it? I mean, it's a squiggle. I'll leave it at the front desk."

"I shouldn't.."

"Yeah, Federal Law and all that, but who would know?"


"We can both get on with our days."

"Okay." The post man held out his pad. I squiggled ink across the line.

"HA! YOU JUST SIGNED AWAY YOUR SOUL!" The postman's eyes turned red. His smile turned brightly white as his face also began to redden. This was a storybook demon, if ever I'd seen one.

And I had.

"Joke's on you. That's not my name. Plus, I signed with my non-dominant hand."

The demon screamed and disappeared in a plume of smoke.

"Too easy."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

That's the trick isn't it? We all want to best our demons . . .

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Story prompt:

Man working in a warehouse (or w/e) has coworkers disappear without saying anything and is joined by a post man. One of them is not what they seem.

The post man by Robert Quick

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