Femme Fatale


This too shall pass.

The medics found Minla unconscious next to a shattered vase, a small pool of water and a bouquet of exotic-looking flowers. One of them, taking pity, picked up the flowers as they loaded her up into the ambulance.

The attending doctor took the toxicology results, frowned and asked for a repeat.

The consulting doctor took the repeat results and shrugged at the attending doctor.

Coma, toxicology negative, metabolism stable. No obvious neurological damage.

It was calm on the ward, and the nurses had a few moments to relax. The flowers were picked up, their beauty commented upon, and a vase and water quickly arranged.

Minla looked very small in the bed, somehow, and even smaller with the slim vase of opaline blooms sat next to her.

Unnoticed, petals started to open wider. Pores opened; the water level in the vase dipped precipitously.

Unseen, unheard, the exhalations of the flowers flowed out into the ward. Slowly, they rose - reaching, in cases, actively for the patients.

There were more lives to take.


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Inspiration attributed to Robert Quick:

1. Girl finds an undiscovered/unknown flower on her door step. What does it mean, who or what is it from?

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I find the insidious, creeping invasion stories more compelling than the brute-force Independence Day-style assaults. They give that bit more time for the reader to engage with the stories and the characters.

And they're a lot more creepy.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I was waiting for the flower to emit a pollen or something. They sorta did, but they also reached for the patients, er, victims. So, she is in a coma.. could she use the flowers to talk? is there a connection between them in her comatose state? hm...

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I leave interpretation - including the deliberately-chosen title - to the reader.

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Story prompt:

Girl finds an undiscovered/unknown flower on her door step. What does it mean, who or what is it from?

Unknown flower by Robert Quick

  • Published 5 years ago.
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