War of the Worlds


This too shall pass.

Special Report: Use of Coffee Authorised

Casualties are high in the sixth day of heavy fighting here on the desk. Coalition leaders have confirmed that tactical coffee strikes will be used to halt the advance of procrastination forces that remain a threat despite intense fighting over the regions of Facebook and Wikipedia.

This will be the first time coffee has been deployed since the harrowing events of last year - more on that later as our panellists discuss the risk that use of coffee will become routine.

Breaking News: Facebook defeated in "desperate attack"

Coalition forces confirm the successful closing of the Facebook tab. Facebook has been fiercely defended by procrastination forces, despite several attempts to clear the stronghold, and has been preventing advances in the region for several days.

A source has described the coalition as "cautiously optimistic" for gains after this latest victory, but suggests the attack was "made in desperation".

More as the story develops.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

wikipedia wins over facebook???

Facebook will not stay down for long. It is a truly formidable enemy.

(Especially for my productivity.)

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Yes, sadly the Productivity Coalition were unable to hold it against the Axis of Procrastination and very soon their counterattack reinstated Facebook.

  • #526 Posted 5 years ago
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And Ficlatté, as well, much as I hate to be the cause of your procrastination.

I love the style of the report, and I recognise the situation completely, too.

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  • Published 5 years ago.
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