The Companions of Necessity


This too shall pass.

Tenever's reflexes were superb, and before Sadie could issue a warning he threw a firebolt that flashed across and-

The elf flicked a hand and the fire vanished in an instant, darkness returning to the cabin. Having done so, he stood calmly, clearly waiting for Sadie to issue introductions.

Mechanical limb replacements and heavily modified bone structure rendered him slender yet incredibly lethal. He stood nearly a head taller than Tenever, proud and strong.

Sadie caught the wizard's arm and forced it back down.

"Easy, Tenever. He's a friendly."

The wizard looked unconvinced, but allowed the half-formed spell in his hand to fade. Astarlane looked on with seeming disinterest, though her rifle was now in her lap.

Both were aware of how deadly elves were to magic users. They were masters of the counterarcane, experts at neutralising spells in combat.

Sadie, however, wasn't bothered. She bashed bracers with her long-time comrade, recieving a curt nod of recognition in return.

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The morning did not improve Sadie's mood. There was the rare luxury of hot instant coffee with milk …

The Choice of Companions
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