The Choice of Companions


This too shall pass.

The morning did not improve Sadie's mood. There was the rare luxury of hot instant coffee with milk powder, but that was where the positive outlook ended.

A thin mist blanketed the surrounding Hills, reducing sunlight to a faint glow and visibility to a few hundred paces. This wasn't uncommon - usually the result of various chemical vapors interacting with residual magic - but the almanac had warned it was also a common sign that pointed to more serious dangers.

Silently, the trio zipped, taped and otherwise made their clothing HAZENV-safe. Sadie gulped down a last lungful of unfiltered air before donning her gas mask and picking up her weapon. The others nodded their readiness, and Astarlane drew a few quick gestures to dissipate her wards.

Despite the mist and the constant pressure of having to breathe through a filter, they made good time. At the midday stop, Tenever opened a pocket of breathable air in the rusting remains of a transport helicopter.

Sadie had to restrain him when the elf walked in.

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Yes, either of the magic users could have maintained an air bubble during the march, but it would have been an obvious magical signature and also a waste of strength when a gas mask would have done just as well.

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I want a hazard almanac.

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