Gone With the Wind


For the first time in my life, I am beginning to know what true love and happiness are. Love and happiness, not in their popular, diluted forms, but rather in their purest and rawest forms. I am learning to live without fear or inhibitions, and it is your beautiful soul I have to thank for this second chance, this rebirth and restoration of my hope.

Chaos ensues. All that was once so eloquently placed is now thrown into the wind. The pieces land with no apparent rhyme or reason. An intrigued outsider may sit to the side and calmly observe those around him frantically scramble to create some form of discernable order. Their efforts yield no fruit. It is so clear to him now, no matter the effort that is expended, no matter the intelligence level of an individual, no one is able to create perfect order from perfect chaos. This revelation causes him great panic. Everything he thought he knew so clearly he has now come to doubt. Where will he go now? Whom can he trust? Just like that, within a matter of minutes, he has surrendered his calm demeanor for one of complete disarray. And so, the cycle begins yet again. Chaos ensues. All that was so eloquently placed is now thrown into the wind.


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Lovely circular story, fit perfectly within the size constraint. Should I be upset that it seems to describe my life...

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Cute ending. And yeah, I know that feeling all too well.

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