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She watched from the bushes in cat form. The window was curtained, but her yellow eyes could see the magic rise into the air. She purred, her favorite part of this transformation. The magic rose like a blanket, rolling into a twist and smoothly slid through the roof. Objects were nothing to a four-dimensional substance.

The cat bounded out of the bushes to a tree and climbed briskly to the roof.

The conduit she had placed along the peak of the roof to the chimney was working. The power flowed along the cable to the container on the top of the chimney.

Transforming back to her human form, she resisted the urge to cackle out loud, lest the occupants of the house hear her. She took the enchanted box from the chimney, rolled up her conduit, and placed both in her bag.

Transforming this time into a large crow, she flew from the roof with a loud caw, finally able to release her joy at her success. This latest power grab was nearly enough. The next step in her spell could be completed. Only one more to go.


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Sinister goings on, indeed, sinister on top of sinister.

As is often true with microfiction, it asks more questions than it answers. I am left tasting the air for more.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Kam used the afro comb to pick out his tight and curly black hair occasionally patting it softly as …


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