The Knowledge of Choice


This too shall pass.

Sadie watched Tenever trudge upstairs, spreading a collection of maps and notebooks across the dining table. Astarlane's grindstone faded into the background while she carried out the convoluted process of making a best guess at the next day's route.

Hazard almanacs spilled their wisdom in numbered charts and neat tables; scrawled notebooks carried jotted reminders of previous encounters. There were modern, printed maps for a few locations where they had been in the past, with clear and scientific analyses of lethal zones - but the Blasted Hills did not afford such certainty.

However, it was warmer than the Mined Mountains, easier than the Sirenways to the north, and a good deal quicker than going by Aldgate further still. The Blasted Hills were probably the most dangerous, though, and Sadie hoped it had not been a mistake to bring them here. She carefully double-checked the distance of tomorrow's march, then packed up and slumped on a chair next to Astarlane.

Maybe things would look better in the morning.

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Giving us a setting to work with, very nice. I'm particularly intrigued by the Sirenways, but that is to be expected I suppose.

  • #493 Posted 2 years ago


Hey, if you like it, we can always find some kind of excuse to go there!

  • #494 Posted 2 years ago


Lots of fantasy elements here and sets up a lot of possibilities.

  • #527 Posted 2 years ago

Inspired by (sequel to):

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