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the bullshit that b

The flutes surrounded me in a way that, despite ideas of reality and sanity, made complete sense. Notes fluctuated, voices trialed in and out, distanced claps, all-enveloping smiles. It worked in the same sense drowning in a pool solves every problem you have.

Though, this pool wasn’t any pool I’ve swam in. No deep end, billowing endlessly to a murky and dirty bottom. No shallow end, providing a safe place to stand and gain footing. This pool existed around me, providing me with space to play in, but keeping me contained inside, filling me with unanswerable questions and loops of ceaseless thought. Though as I watched the stars, muddled and muted by the water shifting above, I felt the walls pop.

I felt the walls pop along with the drums. Unidentifiable words. A coil bouncing. An exploding balloon.

They were working.

The stars were strobes.

I was fluid.


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I initially interpret this as a manner of expressing how it feels to perform onstage. Later in the piece I become unsure, but I still appreciate the parallels.

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I love the abstract imagery here. I think I've swum in that pool and sung with that choir.

Two tiny technical points: the voices probably trilled rather than trialled, and the past participle of "to swim" is "swum", not " swam": the latter is the past simple.

Nice work. I hope you write more soon. I look forward to reading.

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Lovely and abstract in a way that suits the subject.

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