The Death of Knowledge


This too shall pass.

Tenever took the first watch, stretching out in the ruined woodwork of the upper floor. Through the blackened crater, there was a good view out over the Hills. His rifle lay within easy reach.

He sat, silent, reflecting on how things had changed. Once, the Mages of the Fading Light had marched to war in magnificent robes of a deep blue, rich with tradition and pride.

Now the silver bars of wisdom and knowledge adorned the sleeves of a camouflage jacket; the gold-embroidered setting sun was forever stained with the blood of his fellows.

Blood he could never forget, never wash away.

War changes us, the wizard thought. Makes us into caricatures of our better selves.

Would there be an Academy left to return to, when all was said and done - or was it lost, like so many other things along the way?

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Various notes to myself, since I don't know if this series will warrant an individual folder in itself:

Key difference between sorcerers and wizards - sorcerers don't need to prepare their spells in advance, allowing them to freely throw their magical weight around in any number of spells, as appropriate. This gives them tactical flexibility and extreme defensive power, as they can craft counterspells on the fly.

Wizards, with formal education and trained focus, are heavyweight spellcasters - comparable to tank destroyers. They can cast single spells with higher peak power than sorcerers could ever hope to attain, and with greater ward-piercing ability because of their formal study of the subject, but are limited in their ability to overcome a number of lesser threats. That's what Sadie and Astarlane are for.

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Good distinction. I will try to add on to this tomorrow when I get a free moment.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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