Gunfire: The Encounter


This too shall pass.

Ryle appeared at my side in an instant, exuding a casual menace. His eyes were a searing inferno, a promise of violence that made others much more interested in listening to me.

The captain was affected, but not cowed. Not bad.

"You are a passenger aboard this ship and agreed to follow orders at all times."

I shrugged easily.

"There was a threat to the ship, captain. I simply arranged for it to disappear."

"It is not for passengers to engage in unsanctioned armed actions, no matter how favourable the results."

I added a few layers of persuasion to my speech, skimming the surface of what I knew I could do.

"It is a situation that we have handled before, captain. There is no cause for concern."

There was the tiniest glimmer of alarm in his gaze, which I crushed with a slight incline of the head. Ryle adjusted his stance in the corner of my vision, prepared for the unlikely possibility of sudden violence.

The moment stretched on, but eventually the captain backed down with a nod to his first mate.

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Tense moment, well drafted to sit the reader in the middle of it. Nicely done.

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I'm so curious as to how you write these installments, how far into the future you plan and whether you portion the story deliberately in advance or whether it just fits 'just so' because of your skill and experience. I'm marveling at the complexity of the narrative and want to learn from you. One thing is that with a story I know will be long with many parts, though: I tend to turn the pages too fast, rather than rolling around in the details. But I'll reread this, I think!

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@slapdashmonuments: In the past, due to the nature of these series (they tend to expand out of a story that was intended to be standalone), they were always written piecemeal. I'm quite proud of the results, though I attribute success more to luck, quick thinking and handy inspiration (and the luxuries of the genre) than skill or experience.

Nowadays I'm trying to move towards planning a skeleton of the story, at least.

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