The Simplicity of Rest


This too shall pass.

Sadie rolled her eyes at the wizard's theatrics, depositing her assault rifle on the table before slumping into a chair. This had been a nice house once, presumably housing a hard-working and respectable family. Now the upper floor had been partially blown out by a fireball, while the elegant front lawn was cratered and burned beyond recognition by shelling.

Tenever grinned and took a comfortable-looking chair by the hearth, lighting it with a snap of the fingers. He rummaged in a bag and came up with some bread and cheese, tearing into it with gusto.

"Are we going any further tonight, Sadie?"

"No," came the answer, the woman looking down at a much-creased map of the Blasted Hills. "We need to make a lot of distance tomorrow, and this is the last safe spot for days. Get as much rest as you can."

Astarlane, coming in from setting wards outside, groaned in weak protest before Sadie handed her a cardboard ration pack.

"Eat up, complainer. This is the last of the good stuff."

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Cardboard ration pack with a big yellow "M" on it, perchance?

I can't help but think that the description of the house rather closely matches Ficlatté Castle..

Bloody workmen taking their time over everything.

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Delicate curse removal to war zone in the blink of an eye. Not what I expected, but I like it. Especially how you gave Sadie a substantial amount of development, and introduced a new character. This is the magic of our little community.

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Thanks for the comments, guys! Much appreciated, as always.

Ethel, I thought way too much into the "M" reference, looking into my ration pack research for a M-type!

Jae, there was a long and winding thought chain that ended up with this ex-warzone wasteland with a bunch of wizards and modern infantry in it that started with "The Dangers of Simplicity", and it was only fitting that I connected them together!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"That's a powerful spell."

"I'm sure it will come off with a bit of scrubbing," Sadie answered.


The Dangers of Simplicity
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