Three Word Prompt: f14 POETRY Verna: Heart, Tart, Sweet


Lit and music teacher from America, but in Asia

My heart's been touched by many a gentle word

Of kindness and acceptance. Gentle folks

Have hastened to my aid, all undeterred

When I've had trouble; they've been strong as oaks

When I've been both exhausted, frail, and grieving.

To all my patient pals I owe so much.

They're sweet to stay beside me, never leaving,

E'en when I shuddered at their harmless touch.

It's strange and bittersweet to note the quirks

Inside my mind. For though I oft feel lonely,

I know it makes no sense. Come view the works

My friends have wrought, just for me only!

I'm not as sweet as them; I'm rather tart

I'll offer what I can: this foolish art.


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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

I like this a lot!

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None of us is sweet all-through. A bit of tartness is necessary lest we be left with a sickly taste in the mouth.

  • #460 Posted 8 years ago
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Yes, we've got to be carefully tart.

  • #467 Posted 8 years ago
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  • Published 8 years ago.
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