Flying High


This too shall pass.

The Northway came to one of the huge flowing ramps that took foot traffic across different levels and the Assistant Governor stepped up, the checkpoints waving him through.

They were into the upper levels now, the Northway noticeably cleaner and better-maintained. The street stalls were gone. Instead, small cafes extended their presence onto the well-paved sidewalk in spatters of chairs and tables. This was as far up as most people ever even saw.

Sonia started to wonder if she was still supposed to be walking with him as the four guards faded away at the next checkpoint - leaving just the two of them. Together, alone, and further up than she had ever been.

He spoke again as they continued down the Northway, casually motioning at a corner shop.

"Joseph's. Pastries from paradise."

A restaurant just opening for the evening.

"Aurelius makes dessert like you've never seen."

A patisserie decorated in delicate pastel colours.

"Mary Allison's pies - fabulous. Yet none of them quite measure up to yours."


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A tasty little sequel that provides some insight into the physical structure of the society. I wonder if anyone ever sees sunlight. Nice pies, though.

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There has to be some consolation, right?

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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