I love the Ficlet community for loving each other so much that they continue to push through in keeping us together, bringing in new people throughout.

So I used to be Mr.Gabriel ( back in the day but I've changed a lot, and I mean A LOT, since then and so I want to begin completely anew.

Now you can call me gabrujo (gabe+brujo, the Spanish word for witch). Welcome to my mind.

Kam used the afro comb to pick out his tight and curly black hair occasionally patting it softly as he stared at himself in the mirror above his bed.

Today was the day. Kam scrambled around his bedroom floor for articles of clothing choosing ones of all the same nightly shade. He looked at himself again and smiled. He descended down into the living room and immediately approached his mother.

"When will it be time, Mother?" Kam asked eagerly. Kam's mother frowned. She brushed by Kam and walked towards a long wooden casket. Kam hesitated, but followed.

"Your father deserves to die like this," she said. "That is the thing about power. He failed to recognize how much it actually consumed him. Once the last bit of his energy is gone, it will be time."

"I will never be him."


The magic transfer was about to begin. Visible only to Kam, his father's energy died and flowed into the air. But when it disappeared, Kam felt nothing.

"You are not the one," his mother said happily. "You're cursed."


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Gentle set-up, with a sprinkling of ominousness and a killer twist in the tail.

I love it.

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Welcome, gabrujo. Make yourself at home!

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