Gunfire: The Raventops


This too shall pass.

We kept our head down over the next few days, safe in the knowledge that there was too much traffic moving through Aery Bergun for Neptune to successfully track us. I played the part of the traveller carefully, emerging from our cabin in the evenings to play cards with the crew. I lost a measured and unremarkable amount of coin, usually making excuses and retiring early.

During the daytime, Ryle and I sparred, but not seriously. We were both in peak condition, and there was much evidence to say that we were as evenly matched a pair of fighters as were to be found on this continent.

The airship continued its way through the endless mountain ranges that made up the Raventops, the air growing thinner and the sentries more serious with each passing night. We were in bandit territory now, some of the crew casually mentioned in conversation. The ship was fast and agile, but there were always risks.

I feigned concern.

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