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This time last year, I kissed you for bringing me a sandwich at work. You had already begun educating me on the vast world of classic rock, starting with disbelief when you found out I had no idea who the Grateful Dead was. Then Lou Reed died, and you gave me the first of many song lists. From then on, after the drastic effect of Street Hassle, we began to slip away together.

The first time, we got caught by some poor technician who was closing the parking lot. We laughed it off and went to go get lunch together. It was a great start, blowing smoke out the windows as we drove, singing to Dusty Springfield, Neil Young, and the BeeGees. We still text "Run to me" when we're ready to meet.

Thinking back on days like Amoreena, I also remember the music I brought to you. Rainy songs by Imogen Heap, melancholy Alcest, and mysterious Arcana. Such radically different musical tastes have led us through this adventure.

And beneath, my own music, to capture All Our Moments for my Brightest Star.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Extremely personal... I feel like I was spying on you! This is a nice tribute. Sweet, and the music carries with it lightness, like a caress, and suddenly you find the two intertwined.

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