Hidden Things


This too shall pass.

Sonia hesitated, glancing around. Every single person in the small shop was looking down, or away, or busy.

Go, they said silently. We must know!

She dusted off her apron, wiped her hands and followed him out into the street. There was a moment of tension as she approached the guards, as one did not generally approach the Assistant Governor in public, but they let her through.

The Assistant Governor nodded at the guards in the square, who filed back into their vans and left, but strode past the car in which he had arrived and out onto the Northway, which - of course - was packed. Steam and neon lighting swirled and drifted in dense clouds around makeshift stalls, the air heavy with sensations. The guards dropped their visors and rested gloved hands lightly on holstered weapons.

The Assistant Governor seemed in no hurry to talk. Finally, in desperation, she spoke first.

"I remember him. Wallace. He was nice. A good man."

"Was he? I suppose he might have been. Certainly, he was a very ordinary man."

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How interesting. I was sure the Assistant Governor's persona was leaning towards one way. Now I'm delightfully mystified as to this man.

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I felt the same, and then "The Inexplicable" happened, and so I rolled with it and extended what I thought you had in mind.

How interesting to find that this wasn't what you expected either.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The Assistant Governor took his sweet time in answering the wary-eyed woman. "The pie here is divine…

The Inexplicable
  • Published 7 years ago.
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