The Inexplicable


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

The Assistant Governor took his sweet time in answering the wary-eyed woman. "The pie here is divine. Never had anything quite like this one."

Sonia leaned on the booth and angled her head to the side. "Is that all you come down here for?"

He halted mid-sip of his tea and glanced at her over the steaming wooden mug. "Do you believe in the inexplicable, Miss Sonia?"

"I've never come across something I can't explain."

"Until I started coming here." The Assistant Governor smiled, more to himself than her.

"Well, I have a few theories on you."

"You and the rest of your patrons, no doubt."

"My patrons mind their own business."

"And you don't?"

"Mostly everyone's business on these levels becomes my business."

"Where is Wallace Mason?"

Sonia quirked an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

The Assistant Governor leaned back in his seat, glancing towards an empty table, "Wallace normally sat over there. He had an affinity for your peach fritters."

He smiled at her, picked up his coat and left, guards at his heels.

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I couldn't help but write a sequel. Haha

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Not the way I thought it would go, but that's what's wonderful about this kind of thing!

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I cast this comment into the vast ocean of the internet, a message in a bottle for you. It's too bad there's no messaging system here.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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