Dare You to Move


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

She stumbled out of the alleyway onto the busy street. A few people jumped out of the way, barking at her to watch out. Her muscles trembled as she leaned against the brick building.

He walked out of the alley and smirked at her. "Tough, isn't it?"

She couldn't muster the strength to look at him.

"Babe, you need to go. Head home or wherever you're from."

"How do you live with yourself? She finally asked, shuddering.

His smile faltered slightly. "Move. Get out of here and don't come back until you have the stomach for it."

"Gladly." She glanced at him and tried slowing down her heartbeat.

They both knew she was lying. She'd be back, whether she liked what he did or not.

"Today never happened." He called out to her as she started walking down the pedestrian-filled sidewalk.

She tried blocking him out of her mind but the small gun poking at her in her waistband didn't let her.


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Completely mysterious and completely intriguing. You have set the scene marvellously, leaving so many questions in the mind that one is left panting for more.

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