Wawbsqeeaqs-ing MAD


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

I am so mad right now. So freaking flipping wawbsqeeaqs-ing MAD. Laughably mad. Like, I want to scream-and-punch-something mad.

And the best part is I can't tell anyone. How the heck is that even remotely fair? And I really want to curse cuz I'm so mad. And that's a problem because I don't curse. So so so so mad.

Who gives you the right to treat people like dirt? I try to help, try to help, try to help, try to help and then I get a GIGANTIC kick in the rear. Thanks for that, buddy!

Who the heck do you think we are? Savages? You don't think we know what friendship is? But how could you understand that concept when you have such a warped view of it?

GAH! I am the personification of mad. Mad is oozing out my pores in copious rivers.

What gives you the right to walk ALL OVER ME when I've been the only one to stick by you through EVERYTHING. And that includes the psych ward fiasco, baby. What the hell gives you the right to throw me under the bus.

I'd love to hate you right now. Because I'm so mad.


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Wow. Intense.

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Haha I was having a bad night.

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  • Published 7 years ago.
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