Gunfire: The Navy


This too shall pass.

I hadn't quite expected Neptune to escalate quite so dramatically. Perhaps the great ship-of-the-line had already been in the area, perhaps the captain owed favours. Either way, we needed to get out.

Ryle squinted at the slowly banking silhouette.

"We can make it, if we leave as they approach. Their line of sight is blocked."

There was only one docking position that would even come close to taking the Decisive's armoured hull, and that was on the far side of the Aery. Our little clipper could leave without being seen, as long as we carefully timed our return.

"Let's go."

I held up a hand to stop him.

"It's too soon. Too soon."

There were a few off-market stalls nearby, including one with a selection of fine long coats of the type commonly favoured by airmen. I spent a few minutes negotiating with the vendor to replace our distinctively Martese jackets, which as far I could judge put us perfectly on time.

Shrugging on the coats, we crossed over to our berth. The Decisive was nowhere to be seen.

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References! This coat, of course, is subsequently worn throughout Airships. Too many places to mention, really.

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Repetition of berth in the last sentence.

I do like the considerations of tactics and the careful decision to time the exit.

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Oh, thanks! Corrected.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

I followed him, and caught the first constable around the corner with a raised hand.

"Martese Royal…

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