Gunfire: The Response


This too shall pass.

I followed him, and caught the first constable around the corner with a raised hand.

"Martese Royal Armed Forces, sir, please stop there. There has been an incident. Please instruct your men to form a perimeter here; officials from the His Majesty's Court will arrive shortly to take control of the situation."

At the mention of Martese royal oversight, the sergeant paled and backed down. Technically the Aeries were considered neutral ground and no nation held jurisdiction. However, Bergun lay just inside the borders and so had more reason than most to fear the King's wrath.

The other constables fanned out, and Ryle shrugged before holstering the gun. We slipped out into the burgeoning crowd.

As we approached our ship's berth, something outside caught my eye. I signalled for a stop, and took another look. Ryle whistled at the awe-inspiring sight of the HMA Decisive, a 145-gun battleship and the pride of the Martese Royal Navy.

It was clearly on a docking approach.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Ryle stepped over the broken bodies littering the floor in order to retrieve the knives.

"Ryle, do …

Gunfire: The Enquiry
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