Lights Out


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I don't sleep with the lights off, anymore.

A little over a year ago, I worked as night security at a psychiatric institute. There was one guy who would freak out if the lights were off. On nights when I was on my own doing a walk-around, I would stop by his room, and flick the lights off and on. I laughed my ass off as he curled up in the corner and screamed, then went about my night.

My last night there, we were in the middle of a particularly nasty thunderstorm. I walked by his room, and, as usual, played with the lights. Suddenly, the switch jammed off. He started freaking out, screaming himself hoarse. As I fought the switch, the screams turned into gurgling, then silence.

When I finally got the lights on, I entered the room, and started my own screaming. They never found all the body parts. The ones they did find were partially eaten. I quit that very night.

Tonight, another storm rages outside. As the lights flicker, I wait for the power to go out, and whatever killed him to come for me.


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This one makes my skin crawl. Very nice indeed.

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Yikes! What the heck just happened?

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