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Smoky morning eyes made the light blur,

but I knew where I was.

I was home.

I woke just before she left,

just before she came to gently shake me

to tell me goodbye and

that she loved me

and that she'd be back in the evening.

The holes in my socks and negativity of my bank account

told me that I needed to let her go,

but the warmth of the feeling of being loved

and not just from afar,

from right here...

well it told me to beg for her to stay,

so I did.

Do you have to go?

Please stay with me.

Because our statics were crossed, over and under each other.

We're tangled now,

for good

and forever.

I have symbols of shadowed and original love

embedded in my third finger on my left hand

and everything else is shitty

and messy and I'm not sure what's gonna happen

or if we will ever be able to afford anything

but I don't care because

I've never been this happy in my life.

She makes me so happy and excited to be alive to spend my days with her.

Don't ever go.


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