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She wasn't the prettiest girl that he knew, or even the kindest. She plied her razor tongue on the "stick insects" and "puffed up princesses" that he had crushed on and asked out and been dumped by. But she had a sharp and hard morality that left her appalled by the casual cruelty and simpering selfishness of so many of the girls whom Rob had fancied.

That was why one day, beside the lake, he realised that he liked her better than any of them. And the next day, he got down on bended knee, cheap ring and cheap suit, and asked her to marry him.

He wasn't sure if they were ready. Would they, could they work? But he knew that she knew her own mind, and if it was a yes, they would be perfect together.


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It's good to see you, Sanglorian!

I really liked the rhythm of this story, and particularly the phrase "she had a sharp and hard morality".

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Inspired by (prequel to):

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