Gunfire: The Arrest


This too shall pass.

Aery Bergun was a soaring construction braced against two sides of a narrow canyon. An arch constructed out of huge lumber spars spanned and supported the width of the Aery, which looked more and more precarious as the Silver Skies made its approach.

I thanked the captain and disembarked with Ryle. An officer took us for debriefing.

"Good evening, Trident. I am afraid I must inform you that you are under arrest for the murder of the Minister for Foreign Relations."

I nodded. Ryle nodded.

Ryle took him down, and we delivered one bullet each to the pair of guards just outside the room.

Neptune had clearly been more careful this time. There were a dozen more guards, heavily armed and shooting to kill.

We killed them all. The last one died to a pair of knives to the chest, thrown at close range.

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Well that was terrifying

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Dam' @HSAR but you're good at this. ~feels all woozy~

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Inspired by (sequel to):

It was the captain.

"Captain. What a pleasant surprise."

"Quite so. There is a communication for y…

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