Gunfire: The Captain


This too shall pass.

Ryle handed the reins to the head butler, nodding, and we rolled off the coach at the next available turning. The evening was well advanced, and it was a simple matter to merge into the deepening shadows.

The Silver Skies was hardly a difficult ship to recognise. It was a sleek, smoothly streamlined vessel that oozed speed from every one of its counter-sunken bolts and fluted spars.

Captain Jerem was a tall, well-dressed and young-looking Frenchman. His stance and posture said swordsman. I first thought foil or rapier, but it wasn't a precise, jabbing sort of strength. It would be a sabre, I concluded - a flexible strength, reactive and unpredictable.

He looked up as the coach sped past, but did not linger on it. I coughed quietly to draw his attention, while the head butler took a quick left turn towards another pier to throw off any lingering eyes.

"Captain Jerem?"


"My name is Ilse-Lorenz aul Janse-Lomberg. We seek passage to the Raventops."

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Ah this is where it gets very intriguing. ^~^

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Inspired by (sequel to):

There was shouting behind us, and the sound of hooves on cobbles.

Ryle held a hand to the window. …

Gunfire: The Turn
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