A Healthy Diet


An alumnus of both Ficlets.com and Ficly.com. Who, for some weird reason, is starting his time here with an abundance of cannibalism-themes stories. O.o

It's the strangest thing.

My dog, a little Pekingese cross I got about a month ago, isn't eating. I've tried everything to get him to eat, but nothing I try works. Dry food, wet food, he just turns up his nose. In the last three weeks, I've bought over $700 worth of different types of dog food. Nothing.

The really strange part is that, when I took him in to the vet to get him looked at, I was told he's perfectly healthy. I was asked if he's allowed to roam at night, suggesting that someone else may be feeding him. He goes out to do his business, and, otherwise, he's in the house.

Although, it is odd that I sometimes find my kitchen window open when I get up at night. I'm a little OCD about that, so I make sure to close and lock all my windows before going to bed.

And, come to think of it, I don't see as many kids in the neighbourhood as I used to...


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Vampire dog. :P

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If I compare this story to your other one about human-eating, I think the other is better: it's subtler and builds the dread. I actually think a dog that inexplicably never hungry is actually scarier than a dog we know is eating kids!

  • #276 Posted 7 years ago
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