Gunfire: The Blades


This too shall pass.

We were stopped at the huge dockyards where wooden crates lay waiting to leave on outbound airships. Three men, wearing the royal hawk on their jackets. One respectfully bowed as Cerian lowered the window.

"We're sorry to trouble you, ma'am, but there has been an unfortunate incident tonight. All vehicles must be inspected before leaving the city, ma'am."

"Oh, my. How long will this take?"

"Not long at all, ma'am. If I could ask the two of you to step from the carriage, and the driver also? We will be but a moment."

The men started searching the coach, turning their backs to us.

Ryle and I had our knives out in a heartbeat. They were beautiful, aggressive edges with black blades that did not catch the light.

They were killers in darkness, twins to ourselves.

I took the man searching the interior of the coach, stepping behind him and sliding the knife deep between ribs. He died instantly, without a sound.

Barely a moment later, Ryle appeared from the other side of the coach.

"Let's go."

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References! We see that knife again later.

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Ah! The knife!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"Illy, at the airship docks there is a clipper by the name of Silver Skies. Captain Jerem is takin…

Gunfire: The Coach
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