Gunfire: The Coach


This too shall pass.

"Illy, at the airship docks there is a clipper by the name of Silver Skies. Captain Jerem is taking a package to some friends of mine in the Raventops, and leaves very soon."

I nodded, frowning. The only friend she had out there would have to be the delightful Ms Sayre, who had recently run off with - my brother.

I had to resist grinning. You thought of this in ten minutes?

Her smile had the tiniest edge of a gloat to it. Five.

I did have to hand it to her. She was pretty good.

The coach was waiting outside, horses quiescent in the evening cool. The head butler had done well with the brown-wrapped packages of provisions, and even placed a few trunks and hat-boxes on the roof for appearances' sake.

Ryle took the reins; Cerian and I were in the coach. As the last of the day turned to night, we moved south towards the docks.

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She knows everyone haha

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I see with interest that you've got two sequels to this, @HSAR, which makes me think that Ficlatte could be used fairly well for "choose your own adventure" stories, actually. And in fact, stories with multiple sequels by various people are already CYOA type stories, as hindsight suggests... intriguing!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Faster than I could react, she pulled something from her apron and pushed it into my hands.


Gunfire: The Emblem
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