Mia: Inspection


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

"It's only a scratch." Mia waved it off although she knew she had gotten hit hard with the metal bars as they had swung into place over the doors. But she had more important matters to deal with at the moment than herself.

She stumbed towards the figure now laying on its stomach on the dirt-encrusted linoleum. The three men who had helped shut the doors were now keeping the people from the stairwell away. She needed to check if the person was infected. The body was obviously male. Mia estimated his height around 5' 10". His jeans were torn and filthy, his shoes falling to pieces. His shirt was long gone and his skin was burned. She used her foot to roll him over, his black hair falling in his face.

He groaned and looked up. "Could you be gentler?"

Mia stood there, stonefaced. "Did they infect you?"

She wiped the blood out of her eye with the back of her hand.

His sharp green eyes stared at her, hesitating. "No, I was lucky."

Mia's body swayed. "Good."

With that one word, she collapsed to the ground.


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Inspired by (sequel to):

"On my count, slam the doors shut. We will need every bit of strength we have to seal the doors."


Mia: Sealed

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