Ahanu: Sunset


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

They're getting closer. I hear them in the alleys and in the shadows that are getting longer. They're bolder in the city. Not as scared of the light although it blazes on their sensitive skin. I didn't even have to worry about them back home, there weren't nearly as many as here.

Not that I need to be thinking of home at a time like this.

I round a corner of the street looking for the address I had been given. Too late do I realize the street is completely shrouded by the looming buildings on the right. A growl echoes behind me and my heart automatically starts pounding. I'm immune to their diseases. But they can still kill me.

I speed off, my legs already aching with exhaustion. I won't last the night if I can't find a place to hide. Stampeding feet multiply behind me and I count off the sounds of at least five or six. I dodge into a side street and almost cry for joy. A hospital with doors wide open.

I can't believe it, until the doors start closing. "Wait! Please! Don't leave me out here at night!"

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This series is part of a post-apocalyptic story that I'm writing from different characters' perspectives. These characters are all loosely based on MBTI types. Ahanu is an ENFP.

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