Gunfire: The Baron


This too shall pass.

I noticed a minute hesitation from Grace. Curious, I made eye contact.

There it was again - a blink, a crack in the normally flawless armour of the Janse-Lomberg household service. And again, as she looked away quickly. Too quickly.

"Cerian," I said, slowly. "Are we interrupting something? Is Inessa here?"

She smiled again, but it was a different smile. Less straightforward, not as simple.

"Your younger sister is in Lightreach, as you well know. No, I am entertaining a guest tonight."

Long, long delayed I stepped back into the mindset of the Baron aul Janse-Lomberg and noticed her dress and perfume. Her eyes glittered at the dawning of realisation in mine.

"Ah. I'm, uh, happy for you."

"Please, Illy. Dishonesty does not become you."

My sister had always been terribly good at seeing through me. She smiled again, and it was the older smile, the one that made me feel young and safe and happy again.

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I like her more already haha

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HS Wift

HS Wift

These characters practically jump off the screen! Exceptionally well written!

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