Gunfire: The Entrance


This too shall pass.

Standing behind the door was a young woman. I knew her name, she used to be a maid at the Lightreach manor, I saw her around a lot more than I expected, she was - ah!

"Good evening, Grace. I would like to see my sister, if it is at all convenient."

She blinked, and let us in. Well, of course she did - the entire staff knew that knock, had done since my childhood. Well, because of my childhood. Possibly Grace particularly.

She sent a younger maid to ask for my sister, and invited us to sit down at the table. Thinking back, I could swear she was blushing, but it was hardly my biggest concern at the time.

"It's always a pleasure to have you, sir. Um, what brings you here tonight?"

I flashed her a half-smile and handed the pheasant to a dubious-looking cook.

"I am in a little bit of a tight spot tonight, Grace, and hope that my sister can help me out."

"Oh no, sir. Are you all right?"

"I am fine. If, perhaps, a little impatient."

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I really enjoyed the narration of this. It flowed very naturally.

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Aaaagh! Now I'm impatient for a sequel.

In enjoying the flow of the narrative: it's fast paced and full of complications to keep our protagonists' hands full.

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