Gunfire: The Silence


This too shall pass.

Ryle inclined his head, eyes flicking left.

Kill them, he was saying. I'll take the left.

I had no choice. We drew our revolvers and split up.

They entered the chapel from the great wooden doors. We waited until they were fully inside, the better to kill them with minimal risk of escape.

After years working together, we didn't need a signal. He popped up from a row of pews while I leaned out from behind a pillar.

Two shots each. Perfectly synchronised, deadly accurate. They went down, and we were moving.

Ryle, still expressionless, only spoke when we were outside and in the cover of an alleyway.

"We've been betrayed. The police will be looking for us."

It certainly fit the facts. I nodded, slipping fresh rounds into the revolver.

"We need to find somewhere safe. Anyone you can trust?"

I snapped the weapon closed and looked up.

"One comes to mind."



"How long have you known them?"

"All my life."

He shrugged.

"Lead the way."

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HS Wift

HS Wift

This story paints a picture of intrigue and deception. Thoroughly enjoyable and enthralling, I'm eager to learn more.

  • #222 Posted 8 years ago
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