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Everyone, at some time, has played the "What if I were immortal?" game. Pondering how it would be to see loved ones grow old and die, or how it would be to live through history being made.

Well, I am immortal. And I don't mean Highlander movies immortal. I am truly immortal. I cannot die. Ever.

I have lost countless friends and family to the Grim Reaper. It never gets easier. They are balanced out, though, by the birth of new family, and the making of new friends. The losses and gains actually help you keep your humanity, which can be amazingly hard at times.

Experiencing history as it happens! Now, that's something! I've seen humanity at its most deplorable, and at its most brilliant. I've seen humanity take to the stars, bringing war with it, and evolving past that, into something more than human.

The biggest drawback? Now that the universe has finally suffered heat death, I am cold,eternally suffocating, and utterly alone in an impossibly black void. Talking to myself.

And I suck as company.


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This is surreally heart wrenching.

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I love how understandable and personable you've made your narrator. They don't seem to suck as company, given the YA fiction-like way in which they talk. Your narrator has a tone like a John Green character, you know? That's not meant as a criticism, but a compliment--you've created a compelling character in 1024 characters; no small feat.

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