Bel: Bandages


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

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We walk around in the blazing heat and I head towards the old hospital downtown that my dad may have or may not have helped at. I imagine there are at least some people there, since the number of casualties and fatalities hasn't slowed down.

When we get there, I barely make it through the open doors. People are everywhere, I see a girl inside handing a blanket to someone as I walk in. I can automatically sense the compassion she has for people, in the way she regards them.

I set the man down on the floor and put his bags down. The girl notices us, and comes over. Automatically, I can feel my walls go up as I stand back up next to this new stranger.

"Is this your father?" She asks me as she looks at his bandaged stump of a leg.

"No. I was just carrying his bags in for him." I say, quietly. I automatically switch tracks, to be someone she would want to help. That's the only way I know how to survive now.

"Who bandaged you up, sir?" She asks the man. He points to me and I brace myself for her questions.

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Bel: Surgery
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