Mia: Recruit


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

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"What's your name?" She eyed her carefully. She looked so young and meek. How could she have the knowledge to bandage an amputated limb so professionally?


"Well, Bel. Where did you learn to bandage wounds like this?" The girl shifted uncomfortably but stared back with her large brown eyes. Mia, realizing this girl was probably an orphan, instantly softened as she felt her heart shatter.

"My father was a doctor." Bel answered, her voice catching ever so slightly.

"I'm so sorry, Bel. My name is Clemency. But you can call me Mia." Mia said, wrapping the girl in a hug.

After a moment, Mia released her from her arms only to place a hand on her shoulder. Her tone became serious and deliberate. "Bel, I'm the only person here who can treat these patients with knowledge of medicine. But now you are here. Will you help me?"

Mia's sharp blue eyes searched the girl's expressionless face. Bel, with one quick nod, agreed to help. Mia smiled, her white snaggletooth grin almost glinting in the setting sun.

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Mia: Bandages
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