Sertraline Dream #4: Venus or Bust


I used to write on Ficly.

The dream begins with baroque-era music written about the planets. Supposedly the music was written to describe their orbits or something. One piece had an expected couple of notes at the end omitted so people could go out and observe, and had a note explaining this.

My wife and I are on a space station, I guess. Somehow I know that the planet Venus is relevant. Another husband-and-wife couple ends up meeting with us. Apparently I've planned for this and my wife takes the woman off somewhere so I can talk with the husband. I'm mad at him, I think?

He ends up walking away and a little girl points in a direction that doesn't seem relevant and asks me something about the Earth. I don't recall her question exactly but it feels like she's asking because the Earth has been destroyed and she has no memories of the planet. I tell her "yeah".

Then I'm at my house with my family. My mother is in the kitchen, I guess, and talking to my sister. I remember an old book about the exploration of Venus.


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I'm not married IRL either.

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