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The veil waited, carefully spread over a chair back. All of the dressing room photos had been taken, the bridesmaids and her mother had taken their places, and the bride had a few moments to herself.

The mirror reflected her perfect form, the perfect dress, and perfect makeup. She remembered how happy everyone was for her, how they supported her, and how they believed in her.

She was about to start a new life.

The tulle at her legs itched. She tripped on it as she crossed the room to get her veil. She thought her borrowed lipstick was too red and her blush was so dark, she felt like she was selling herself. The dating game was bumpy at times, and her mother hadn't liked her choice at first.

What was this life she was beginning? The future didn't seem to shine as brightly as her mother's smile. Was it even real?

The organ music swelled. Time to go. Ready or not.

Which was she?


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Like it. Wedding days are strange like that, and it is so easy to get swept away with what everyone expects. You've captured the confusion and uncertainty brilliantly here.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It's choppy. I said what I wanted to say, but the flow is off. I guess I need to flex my muscles some more.

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Feels a little unsure of itself (the choppiness) but whether accidental or not, that suits the subject matter.

Nicely expresses the doubt that creeps in at times like this, when there is such a weight of expectation that everything ought to be perfect.

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