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  • The Gaze of Silent Witnesses

    Lieutenant Commander Morell watched twelve specks of white light streak away from the carrier and tried to ignore the captain's pacing. Without prompting, the view boxed in Gray Two-Two and zoomed in close. Angry at herself for such a momentary lapse in h…

    Posted 6 hours ago
  • A Gulf of Ruby Sunshine

    My best friend works on a tugboat out in the gulf pushing barges loaded with tens of thousands of tons of raw materials.

    I was having a rough day eight hundred miles away on dry land seven hundred feet above sea level.

    Work was tiring, my children were…

    Posted 31 hours ago
  • The Mantle

    Deep night air swirled visibly in departing tendrils of fog as I ghosted along the rooftops. Each footfall was light, as soft as a bird landing, and only the moon could see the smile that twisted my face as I ran. Muted bells chimed the midnight hour from…

    Posted 32 hours ago
  • Shh, Part 18

    “Well at least this place has a real bed. Stay comfortable, I'll be back.” Lenn said to Liv. He stepped into the dark hallway to the staccato hoarseness of Liv's muffled coughs. She sounded so miserable. He needed to get his hands on some kind of cough su…

    Posted 3 days ago
  • Hunters

    Sheriff Briggs eyed the man leaning against the dark Chevy. The pocket of tobacco in his lip had started to sour. "Been round here long?"

    "Nope, just passing through."


    "Nah. Wouldn't know what to do with a deer if I caught it. Hate to waste …

    Posted 4 days ago
  • Just one drop

    "So this is it?" she asked, "one drop in here and it's all over?"

    A short pipe stood up from the floor of the dark warehouse, twisted metal piled haphazardly around like so many broken bones. She peered through it into an incomprehensibly large tank. The…

    Posted 6 days ago
  • Diplomacy?

    And yet, nothing is ever new.


    Posted 7 days ago
  • News headline (Six words prompt)

    Transpacific diplomacy warming, like global climate.


    Posted 11 days ago
  • The hunt

    My steps make little noise as I move gingerly between the bushes. As I survey my surroundings, my thoughts wander.

    In the village, hunters are respected. We risk our lives to provide food in this hostile land, where killing animals is our only option. Our…

    Posted 11 days ago
  • Shh, Part 17

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 13 days ago
  • Red Eyes: Street Thoughts

    Lamar took a chocolate drumstick out of the waist high freezer and spun out the door, leading with his shoulder.

    “Be back on Friday.” he called back to Ashish.

    The Indian man didn't say anything, returning only a long suffering look. As Lamar turned awa…

    Posted 14 days ago
  • Chip chip chip

    It's dark and the rats are eating my sleep. They feast on my lack growing fat and fearless. I've been in bed for three hours, tossing and turning, and each time I slide from consciousness into that darkened stage of the first dream, the crinkle of paper o…

    Posted 16 days ago
  • Danger in the Dark

    At some point the redolent scent of moisture reached our noses, clinging to the air around us. Soon, it became apparent why.

    We reached a section of tunnel that was damp and cool, moist with condensation that itself brown and foul-smelling. We avoided to…

    Posted 18 days ago
  • Companions in the Dark

    We traveled again, the tunnel growing narrower and wider at sporadic intervals. At times we were able to walk side-by-side. At others we were forced to move one behind the other, and when we did, we each took turns leading the way forward. When you led yo…

    Posted 18 days ago
  • It's been way too long and I don't know what to title this.

    I'm pretty certain now

    That I just can't do this anymore.

    It's not some talent I found,

    But a skill I had forged

    In a fire of restlessness

    And self-doubt.

    Somewhere i found a voice

    Instead of lines on a page.

    So I made the choice

    To put aside this way


    Posted 19 days ago
  • What Happiness Feels Like

    When I look around me, the world is sunny, despite the real weather. When I think about you, my heart is content in the knowledge that you are right where you are supposed to be.

    I am balanced, centered, and able to accept things as they are.

    The best…

    Posted 24 days ago
  • Wish

    Wish you were here

    In my shoes

    In my heart


    Wish you could feel

    All the love

    All the pain


    Wish you understood

    How I feel

    How I ache


    Wish you felt it, too.

    Never have

    Never will

    Posted 25 days ago
  • Aid in the Dark

    You were at my side in an instant, an angel of light and beauty so magnificent that even now I cannot put it to words. You fell to your knees and cradled my head in your lap. I barely heard the slight pop of a vial being uncorked, but a second later a liq…

    Posted 31 days ago
  • Wounded in the Dark

    We spotted dozens of other traps as we progressed, avoiding each with ease. They were not well hidden, seeming to be laid more as an annoyance than as to be any genuine threat. And yet we took no chances. We treated each one as potentially lethal, until f…

    Posted 31 days ago
  • Discernment in the Dark

    The floor leveled out and opened up into a cavernous space. We held our lanterns aloft, as high above our heads as we could manage, but even so there was not enough light to chase away the inky blackness. In the shadows around us we could hear things movi…

    Posted 31 days ago
  • I Might Let You Read It One Day

    Thing is, this piece I'm writing, bares my entire soul. It involves you and me and all that we love and hold dear. It's told from my perspective, one that I think you need to hear.

    But if I let you read it, I am crucifying myself. The sacrifice it entai…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Descending into the Dark

    We set out again, following the same pathway we'd been on before. The floor beneath us continued to slope downward. The ceiling of the tunnel dropped low in places but never so much that we needed to stoop. We weren't certain where we were headed. Such wa…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Comfort in the Dark

    You reached out your injured arm, placing your hand on my shoulder while I wrapped and bound it. You didn't even wince as I pulled the bandages tight to help slow the blood flow. One of the Healers would need to tend to the wound once we returned to the H…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Piercing the Dark

    Our blades flashed in the dark, sparks of light from our lanterns flickering off our weapons. The things were all around us, attacking from the sides, the floor, even the ceiling. We stood back-to-back and warded them off -- one, two, sometimes even three…

    Posted 1 month ago
  • Bad Communication, or, I Don't Know You Anymore

    There are times like this when I feel you've drifted so far away that I don't know you anymore. The disconnect is so complete that I can't guess what you are doing right now. Your schedule and mine no longer sync up, our timelines are separated, and histo…

    Posted 1 month ago