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  • Catching Fish

    I stood on the bank and cast my line. A shining green and gold bass took my bait and flashed its scales just below the surface as I reeled him in.

    Excited, I pulled him up to examine my catch. Each scale iridescent in the sun, it flapped its tail with po…

    Posted 6 hours ago
  • Edge of Starlight: Paranoid Company

    “I saw you dock. Nasty looking black eye. That rock you towed in do that to you?” Captain Umski asked, rubbing at his own eyes.

    Captain Torrance sipped his rye. “Yup, fly ball out of left field.”

    “Really? Sensor malfunction?”

    “Ship A.I. says no.”


    Posted 32 hours ago
  • Edge of Starlight: Asteroid

    “Status report! Helmsman, full stop.” Captain Torrance held on to his chair for stability waiting for the ship to rock again. The collision alert continued to blare. “What the hell hit us?”

    “Aye aye, Captain, full stop.” The helmsman called.

    Officer Cru…

    Posted 2 days ago
  • High Priest of Inaray

    Zane Peters watched the news with growing anxiety. The Beast below was getting agitated again. That had been happening more and more.

    There was a sense of pressure like that of an oncoming headache. He could feel that thick writhing coldness pushing, alm…

    Posted 4 days ago
  • Locus of Control

    Me: "I get it, you need a home base, someone who adores you for who you are, and to feel secure. You want more than a place to crash when you're not working. However the Locus of Control has shifted. You are letting them have everything and not making dec…

    Posted 4 days ago
  • In Vain

    “Please. Go away.” Her voice was irritated.

    “Nah, girl. I can't leave a sweet thing like you here all alone. There are wolves around, you know what I mean?” His voice was smooth, insistent, and sure.

    I didn't know who he was but I knew her. She had been…

    Posted 5 days ago
  • Lunar Waves

    The yellow moon suspended here

    Above my head

    Creates a glare & quite a blare

    To shred my ear

    -Irregular, unwelcome year,

    Why must you barge

    Into my straining life to spread

    Alarm & fear?

    -I cow'r and shiver as I wait;

    The scimitar

    Of sharp'ning moon grins…

    Posted 6 days ago
  • Not Distraught This Time

    I'm on the outside looking in. I see you inside, laughing, joy written on your face. The door is locked, but sometimes I can hear what you say inside.

    This time, I'm not distraught. I'm not frantically beating on the walls to be let in. I'm not crying oc…

    Posted 8 days ago
  • Those Cloud-capped Towers

    Lloyd skated across an unnaturally still sky, the kind that looked and felt like twilight but you knew if you checked it would be nine pm or three am. Behind him followed a woman that wore many faces. He recognized some of them briefly, but knew that she …

    Posted 8 days ago
  • Haley's Eyes

    "Before we go on," Haley bit her bottom lip, took a deep breath and continued, "this is me."

    Nothing happened at first. She just stood there her thin arms curling around her nakedness. Then her form began distort, melting in shimmering waves of purple an…

    Posted 9 days ago
  • Not Me but Another Muse that Looks Just Like Me


    A blinking cursor mocked me from a blank screen. This writing thing wasn't going well. I wasn't ready to give up but the joy that once energized me was gone, replaced by a bitter numbness and a persistent sense of failure.

    Motion at the door drew…

    Posted 10 days ago
  • 007, shaken not stirred (part one of possibly more, in time)

    Well, I was very anxious today, all day, ever since about this time last night, which is 10:30 PM. I have a lot to talk about; one thing at a time, I guess.

    I was brave today, after spending most of the day scared and blaming myself for a Grievous Life C…

    Posted 10 days ago
  • Spiral

    When my sister was explaining the futility of my expectations

    Her favorite line was, "You keep trying to use logic and reason to explain the world."


    The echoes of my angry thoughts spun between my ear drums

    "How dare you hurt me?!"

    "How dare someone hur…

    Posted 12 days ago
  • Winding Up

    Two people had gone down in the attack by that white dog-like thing which had driven the five of us deeper into the caves.

    The wild barking had ceased and we used the reprieve to catch our breath. Slinging my backpack around and I reached in to get a bot…

    Posted 15 days ago
  • Don't Speak to Me

    You know what? Don't speak to me. I'll only manipulate you and poison you with my words. My hurts fester and are infectious. They spew from me in fits of rage.

    I can't let you in. What's lurking inside of me is the ugliest monster you've ever seen. It's …

    Posted 19 days ago
  • Control Freak

    I watched as you moved into a shotgun house with one bedroom and a yard only big enough for a shed. You were too busy to find a place on your own, anyway.

    But I saw the truth.

    In a tiny house, no one can stay the night. No one can stay unannounced. N…

    Posted 21 days ago
  • The Balance of the Future

    The Future beckons, claws held wide.

    I stumble forward, terrified.

    The line etched in the granite floor's

    A precipice; a fool ignores

    Such limits to one's path but once:

    "THE END" to Stories of a Dunce.

    The Yearly Creature's gaze holds mine

    I shamble ne…

    Posted 21 days ago
  • 006

    Story is marked as mature

    Posted 23 days ago
  • Vacational Thermodynamics

    “Are you ready yet?”

    Mark's voice sounded thin and petulant through the door. Irritated, Gemma closed her eyes and shook her head. No she wasn't ready. Every beauty technique had failed her. The dress she had bought for this vacation was all wrong.The bl…

    Posted 25 days ago
  • A White Horse Named Stupid

    This is stupid.

    It's stupid to get upset, to feel so left out and stood up when you ask me a question, I deliver, I ask one back, and never get a response. It's how you do things.

    I can't count the amount of times I've forgiven you for leaving me hangi…

    Posted 25 days ago
  • The beauty of a worm

    I wonder if butterflies ever miss their former self

    The sturdy roundness of their skin

    Their steady progress towards fullfillment


    I wonder if they mourn that their colorful wings can't be stroked

    Or regret the danger of flying


    I wonder if the progress…

    Posted 25 days ago
  • Fighting On Your Own Terms

    "Your mother teach you any magic, boy?" Thomas scowled again, and Eric thought, He sure does get that from his mother.

    "Some. What do you need."

    Eric look at the grounds they were on. Just big enough for what he needed. "I need a summoning circle." He…

    Posted 28 days ago
  • A Habit Of Lies

    "So, how do you know she was lying to you?"

    Eric sighed. "Because that's all she does!" He yelled.

    Thomas looked at him. "That's an exaggeration, but what about this particular time makes you so sure?"

    Eric took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.…

    Posted 28 days ago
  • Dead Man Walking

    I am a dead man walking. That's not a metaphor, not a promise of a future event the way you usually think of it. I really am dead -- and have been for some time now.

    I walk the streets of this city. I pass by people on the sidewalk, and they instinctivel…

    Posted 29 days ago
  • Dumb Luck

    Eric strode out the front door, determined to put this whole messy business behind him. Thomas wasn't about to make that easy.

    "What the hell was that for?!" Thomas yelled.

    Eric stopped, turning on Thomas with a suddenness that gave the movement more …

    Posted 29 days ago